IEEE Student Branch of Yeditepe University

     The “IEEE Student Branch of Yeditepe University” was formed on March 21, 2003. We have around 200 members. We encourage our members’ professional development, we want them to keep technically current and to be aware of this huge professional networking. We work closely with ITKK (IEEE Cooperative Student Branches of Turkey). Our branch is one of the most active and long-established branches at Yeditepe. We have been working on activating some other societies under our student branch. Our aim is to make the “IEEE Student Branch of Yeditepe University” one of the most popular branches of the IEEE-Turkey family.


We aim to be an efficient and productive IEEE student branch by gathering students from different engineering disciplines in our university, to create strong bonds with other ITKK and international student branches, to bring forward the professional leaders of the future


Our mission is to prepare our members to the IEEE membership, to be innovative in technological improvements, and to a successful career


  • To increase the number of our members by making the students understand the importance of the IEEE student membership,
  • To increase the development and active involvement of present members,
  • To arrange technical visits to firms in order to strengthen relations with industry, to make the members see the working conditions, to improve their visions and to find out more about their summer trainee’s programs,
  • To prepare educational seminars to improve our members ‘ technical and social abilities,
  • To activate Women in Engineering (WIE), Power and Energy Systems (PES) and Robotics and Automation (RAS) under our branch,
  • To arrange trips abroad for technical visits to well known engineering institutions and universities,
  • To make our branch more active and better known among the IEEE student branches in Turkey,
  • To arrange technical and social activities to bring different semester students together,
  • To invite professionals from industry during the “Carrier Week” to get their opinions on the developments in their sectors and their advices,
  • To host the “IEEE Student Branches – Marmara Region Meeting” once again at Yeditepe.


  • The President of IEEE Yeditepe University Student Branch is selected by an election. Vice-president and other directors are assigned by the president and the branch advisor instructor.
  • The board of directors organizes meetings almost every 2 weeks. Current issues and stages of our technical term project are discussed.

Term Project

We are planning to finish the implementation of our “3D Printer Project” that we have designed during the previous semester.